Bike lights 5V/2A waterproof LED headlights



Tail light parameters

Taillight Group 2:
Optically controlled silicon bead
CR2032 CR2032 CR2032 CR2032 CR20 Replaceable batteries
Working hours: about 48 hours
Use aluminum alloy.
2 CR2030 button batteries (waterproof) IPx5 protection level
Weight of 40 g

Setting three (taillight) :
COB LED lamp power: USB rechargeable working time: about 50 hours
PC is the material of choice.
18650 polymer lithium ion battery
Waterproof IPx5 protection grade
Weighs 68 grams

Headlight set

Bicycle headlamp is the brand name of bicycle headlamp.
Aluminum alloy is the material used.
C type charging cable
Panasonic lithium ion battery *2s battery capacity: 6400mAh
5V / 2A input/output
The voltage is 3.7 volts.
Charging time: 5 hours
Working hours: 414 hours
Irradiation distance: 300-500 meters size: 98*46*38mm
XPG*4 led
Bracket: rotating bracket that can rotate 360 degrees.
IPX5 (waterproof) (against light rain and splashing)

Four leds

Switch between high beams and low beams
To turn on the high beam and low beam at the same time, quickly press the high beam button twice.

Functions of mobile power supply:

18650 * 2 battery, capacity of 6400 mAh. Both input and output are 5V/2A. It can charge your mobile phone. It can also be used as a mobile power source for bicycles.

Type C charging port:

Fast charging speed. When fully charged, the power will turn off automatically. Ensure battery safety. Extend battery life

In the evening, there is an outdoor spectacle.

Both sides of the road were illuminated by bright lights.



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