Mountain bike shock helmets




Material: EPS/Polycarbonate

Size: (54-60) cm

Weight: 220g

Application: mountain bike/road bike


In any competition, delivers the best results:

There are roads, intersections, even highways. It is light, comfortable, well ventilated, and EPS-BASED Activcage structural reinforcement provides good protection.

  • In-Mold: A lightweight, long-lasting helmet with an EPS core and a polycarbonate shell.
  • Compatibility with Ponytails: Excellent for individuals with long hair.
  • Edge protection: Provides additional protection for the helmet against external damage.
  • For proper ventilation, there are 7 air inlets and 16 air exits.
  • Forced air cooling: A unique ventilation technique in which ventilation ducts are cleverly organized in EPS.
  • Due to the reflectors, there is a great level of visibility.
  • For a custom fit, a finely adjustable adjustment system with an easy adjustment wheel is used.
  • Aerodynamic glasses with a guide at the airport


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